The Valkyrie is a stylish personal aircraft, offered by Cobalt Aircraft, that brings together sophisticated engineering and a sleek design with luxurious and convenient interior amenities.

This aircraft, which features liberal use of composites on the exterior, has a distinctly aerodynamic and sleek shape and is powered by a rear-facing, turbocharged 350-horsepower engine. It is capable of attaining top speeds of up to 260 knots, which is equivalent to about 482 km/h, and can comfortably seat up to five adults and their luggage.

The aircraft is available in two models, the C050 — which is capable of being flown unrestricted — and the Valyrie-X, which is an experimental-certified offering.

Ultimately, these personal aircraft are disruptive in that they are technologically advanced but are also very thoughtfully designed to keep passengers comfortable and satisfied.


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