Divergent 3D has stepped into the world of 3D-printed hypercars with its new Blade model. Divergent 3D is a company that focuses on 3D Printing techniques inspired by aerospace innovations. The company is based out of Los Angeles and raised $65 million dollars in 2017 to bolster its infrastructure.

At 720 BHP the Blade is the worlds first 3D printed hypercar. The Blade is created from carbon fiber, that is aerospace-grade, as well as aluminum alloys. The carbon fiber and aluminum materials are used to give the Blade its lightweight frame, with the machine’s frame weighing in at just 102lbs. The Blade is inspired by contemporary aviation and is made to look like a jet. The Blade features a center seat, which was inspired by the seating in jets. The company has not yet released a price point for its 3D-printed hypercars.

Image Credit: Hypebeast/Divergent 3D


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