Price: $7 Million

A bike manufacturer with a rich history and winning racetrack heritage marred by several financial turbulence early on, AJS could only manage to produce 4 Porcupine units in 1949. As it turned out, one of these under the very able hands of Les Graham won the 1949 World Championship.

An open frame, aluminium alloy, 500cc, DOHC twin engine with horizontal cylinders and heads give the Porcupine a low centre of gravity. It uses what’s called “Jam-pot” shocks and Teledraulic race forks. The design and manufacturing decisions made by AJS first through the original owners and then through the succeeding ones read like a virtual and veritable source of what-to-do ideas for any aspiring bike professional.

Having lived through the Cold War itself, the veteran Porcupine then spent twenty years in the Coventry National Motorcycle Museum before being made available for the refined enthusiast with a deep pocket to match.


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