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France, Castle in Loire Valley


Better than a dream-come-true, this Castle and Chateau in the Loire Valley in France is simply one of the finest properties anywhere in Europe. Entirely private and free of any French government landmark rights, this 79 acre (32 hectare) estate features a completely-restored, 33,000 square foot chateau, made up of a 16th century castle that was later expanded to the current chateau in the 18th century. A four-year, recently-completed renovation project has restored the chateau to its original glory. And yet, the conveniences of the modern world have been added, providing all-new electrical, plumbing, heating and electronics. There is so much history attached to the chateau from French royalty to its occupation by German forces in the second world war. Today, the chateau and its surrounding property capture the elegance of yesterday, but with modern living conveniences.


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